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Ms Dos 6.22 Vmware Image Download

If you don't have access to a suitable diskette imaging tool, you can always go and download Damn Small Linux, burn it to a CD-ROM, and then boot a PCwith a floppy drive from it, and use the dd command as described earlier in this thread to make a set of diskette images. Copy them to a USB drive, and then copy them to your Mac and go from there.

ms dos 6.22 vmware image download


Or, you could do significantly less work, press the "Download" button in VMware Fusions Library window, and search for DOS. There are pre-built FreeDOS images available for download that will require virtually no effort on your part to get up and running.

I'm also trying to install DOS 6.22. So, I'm trying to follow along here and most of the explanations are clear -- I obtained a copy of rawread.exe and created images (*.img) files of my original DOS 6.22 diskettes.

There are a lot of virtual machine providers out there that will help you with getting a Virtual machine set up. You can also download the image file of a virtual machine from the ISO river page and get the download done.

Now, you have to install mouse driver CuteMouse: CD-ROM: #instructions are in archive file How to install them? download this boot disk: and boot it use Folder2Iso : #or google it Create folder like "CD-rom" and put cutemouse and stuff to it open Folder2Iso and make iso from that folder Open created ISO as vmware cd-rom go to your virtual machine, what is booted from boot disk Type R: and copy things to c:\dos Add those lines,what are in instructions to Config.sys and Autoexec.bat Disconnect floppy Now reboot your VM(Virtual Machine -> Send Ctrl+Alt+Del) Now you have working CD-ROM drive

There's a dos 6.22 iso image at AllBootDisks.. would the installation procedure be the same? Modifying the .iso to add my own files and compilers (using MagicISO or PowerISO), but what about getting (generated) files out of the DOS machine?

I have MS-DOS 6.0 and the 6.22 upgrade from the MSDN subscriber downloads. In order to install the 6.22 upgrade, I have to install 6.0 first. The 6.22 download includes .IMG files from which I can boot, but the 6.0 download does not. I tried creating a bootable .ISO image from the 6.0 files, but that didn't work.

In addition to DOSBox, I keep a running collection of DOS 6.22 + Windows 3.1 images for MS Virtual PC 2007 and VMware 6.x. Since these are known, unchanging machines, I am posting my DOS boot files below for everyone to use or critique. (I've also played with QEMU, Parallels and VirtualBox, but none of them are as compatible or stable as VPC & VMware Workstation.)

My VPC image uses DOS 6.22 and Windows 3.1. Since VPC comes with their fshare program, I can use that to transfer files between the VM and host. With VMware Workstation, I use WFWG 3.11 and do it through Windows file sharing. I don't care that I "only" use Windows 3.1 with VPC since I don't surf the Internet with either VM. That would just be an exercise in torture.

The other version of MSDOS on Technet is v6.0, which is not available in downloadable .IMG floppy images. it's just a flat file structure that looks like it's been copied from the disk of a PC thats had 6.0 installed.

Once you have installed the cd-rom drive, you can proceed to configure the mouse. To do so, download the driver file from here. Inject it in an image with WinImage, mount it in the VM and copy the file named to a folder which you named 'MOUSE' on c:\ drive.

MS-DOS 6.22 was the last standalone version produced by Microsoft for Intel 8088, Intel 8086, and Intel 80286 processors, which remain available for download via their MSDN,[84] volume license, and OEM license partner websites, for customers with valid login credentials. MS-DOS is still used in embedded x86 systems due to its simple architecture and minimal memory and processor requirements, though some current products have switched to the still-maintained open-source alternative FreeDOS.

I started by visiting AllBootDisks and grabbing a DOS 6.22 bootable ISO. AllBootDisks has bootable images for a bunch of older operating systems. I grabbed a Windows 95b one while I was there as I knew one old OS was never going to be enough.

If you want a full installation of DOS, with all the extras like DOSSHELL, SCANDISK and everything else, connect Disk 1 from the set of images downloaded from The Legacy PC Project, boot from that and follow the installation instructions for MS DOS. 350c69d7ab


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