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Chiara Lubich E2 L E2 Amore Vince Tutto [360...

On Sunday 3 January the Italian national TV station RAI Uno, screened Chiara Lubich - L'amore vince Tutto (Chiara Lubich - Love Conquers All), a new feature-length drama based on the early years of Chiara Lubich, founder of the vast international Focolare Movement and who was once described by her good friend and admirer Pope John Paul II as 'a Great Catholic'.

Chiara Lubich E2 L E2 amore vince tutto [360...


On January 3, 2021 he wrote a new soundtrack for Rai 1 for the film "Chiara Lubich - L'Amore vince tutto" , directed by Giacomo Campiotti with the production of Luca Barbareschi, which glues over 5.6 million spectators to the television, scoring a share of the 23%. 041b061a72


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